Tuesday, June 28, 2022
Self Defense

Self-Defense Course that we offer will help give you the security and peace of mind in knowing that you can dramatically increase the chances of surviving or avoiding a violent attack. The ability to protect yourself, your friends and your family from dangerous situations is priceless.
Violent attacks come quickly and suddenly. And although they usually only last for seconds, the resulting physical and emotional harm can last a lifetime.
When a person is attacked, they have no time to think. And because attacks happen so quickly and so violently, to survive, you must act instinctively. When you have the right training, reaction to a violent attack becomes a natural, conditioned response…
And reaction to an attack is the absolute best thing you can do to protect yourself.

Cognitive self defense system

Cognitive self defense is almost purely defensive. It teaches no kicks or punches and has relatively few aggressive moves, because of this cognitive self defense is considered “soft” martial art.
The cognitive self defense system practitioner uses the attacks momentum to unbalance the attacker, control his force, and ultimately neutralizes the attack. Cognitive self defense lessons of physical and mental self-discipline and fighting spirit can be applied throughout one’s lifetime.

Intensive self defense

Intensive self defense System comprises of martial arts techniques that have been revolutionized to suit and meet the demands of a modern day warrior.
The main focus is to rest on highly intensive sequence training with a partner, with emphasis on the combat effectiveness, high repetition of drills will also be coupled with pad work and conditioning exercises.
Unlike other martial arts, intensive self defense techniques are simple, direct and effective with no flashy movements