Friday, January 27, 2023
The Art of Weapons

he art of weapons will use weapons such as long sticks, short sticks, swords and knives, kubotans, short staff, long staff, spear and ropes, tonfa, arnis. Learn how to use the weapons as well as disarm the weapons in a fight.
The teaching methodology of the art of weapons is also different as it focuses on the principle and concept of the techniques rather than just the execution of the technique. This instills a higher level of understanding of the art so that the practitioner may create a unique system to suit his fighting style.

Short sticks

Since sticks can be found almost anywhere it is worthwhile to study their use as a field-expedient weapon. The short stick is a versatile weapon with uses from crowd control to lethal combat. Understanding the methods used to attack with a particular weapon help a fighter to understand how they might defend against it.

Long sticks

Instructional feature covers the ground rules and fundamental patterns of the long stick used for both offense and defense. Master Nariman introduces the two basic grips, stances and postures of the weapon, based on the combat strategy. The lesson plan also includes many tips on how to improve your skills by focusing extensively on the blocking and striking patterns.


There are numerous ways to defend and attack with the tonfa.
As the tonfa can be held in many different ways, traininig in the use of the tonfa often involves learning how to switch between different grips at high speed. Such techniques require great manual dexterity.


Arnis has an emphasis on unarmed defense methods against the stick and against bladed weapons (which the stick is sometimes taken to represent)
His goal was to create an injury-free training method as well as an effective self-defense system.